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Production of Steel Lining Tetrafluoroides

May 28 , 2023

Our production of steel lining tetrafluoroides mainly have the following varieties:

  • Lining straight pipe with fixed flanges at both ends,

  • Lined straight pipe with one end fixed and one end movable,

  • PTFE Lined 90° elbow, 45° elbow,

  • PTFE lined reducer, eccentric reducer,

  • PTFE lined three-way, PTFE lined four-way,

  • PTFE lined flange cover,

  • PTFE lined storage tank.

Carbon steel lined with tetrafluoroethylene (English abbreviation Teflon or [PTFE, F4]), known as the reputation/commonly known as the "plastic king", etc. It is made of tetrafluoroethylene by polymerization of polymer compounds, has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance (is one of the best corrosion resistance materials in the world today, in addition to molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, the ability of all other chemicals, boiling in king water does not change, Widely used in various needs of acid, alkali and organic solvent resistance), sealing, high lubrication non-viscosity, electrical insulation and good aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (can work at +250℃ to -180℃ for a long time).

The steel lined tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon or [PTFE, F4]) plastic is made of ordinary carbon steel pipe as matrix, lined with excellent chemical stability, and processed by a specific process. It has the mechanical properties of steel pipe and has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, slow scaling and not easy to grow microorganisms of tetra fluoroplastic. It is the ideal pipeline for conveying strong acid, strong alkali, industrial salt and strong corrosive gas and other media.

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