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uhmwpe bridge bearing plate

UHMWPE Bridge Bearing Plate

UHMWPE slide plate is a new polymer wear-resistant material specially developed by Xinrui for bridge bearings. As a professional ultra high molecular weight polyethylene supplier, we provide wear-resistant bridge support plates and UHMWPE bridge bearing plates, ensuring smooth and durable movement, thereby improving the overall efficiency of your project. UHMWPE plates are mainly used in railway, highway bridge support, light rail, building seismic sliding block, etc. The UHMWPE plate has the characteristics of high compressive strength, low friction coefficient, strong wear resistance, aging resistance and low temperature impact resistance. The UHMWPE plate has passed the initial static friction coefficient and line wear rate (50km) test of National Railway Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and has been applied to high-speed rail, subway and other emerging fields. Improve the performance of your bridge bearings with our UHMWPE Plates. Feel free to contact us !

The Technical Indexes of UHMWPE Bridge Bearing Plate

Name of commodity

Diameter/Length of side(mm)


Round plate



Square plate



Specification of UHMWPE Bridge Bearing Plate



Tensile Strength

Elongation at break

Ball indentation hardness H132/60

Elasticity modulus







TB/2331-2013 standard TB/T2331-2013 standard






Advantages of UHMWPE Bridge Bearing Plates

Low Friction Coefficient: Just as PTFE slide bearing plates, UHMWPE bridge bearing plates also have a very low coefficient of friction, reducing the resistance to movement. This property is beneficial for bridge bearing plates, as it allows for smooth and efficient sliding during thermal expansion and contraction.

High load-bearing capacity: Despite its lightweight nature, UHMWPE has exceptional load-bearing capabilities. UHMWPE bridge bearing plates can support heavy loads while maintaining structural integrity.

Durable and Wear-Resistant: UHMWPE product is known for its exceptional wear resistance. The UHMWPE bridge bearing plates can withstand repetitive movements, abrasion, and wear, ensuring a longer service life.

Corrosion resistance: UHMWPE plates are highly resistant to corrosion and chemical degradation, making them ideal for ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of bridges.

Easy installation and low maintenance: UHMWPE plates are vital components in bridge bearings. They are commonly pre-cut to the desired size and shape, facilitating convenient installation Besides, UHMWPE plate requires low maintenance duu to its strong wear resistance.

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