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ptfe lined stainless steel pipe

Steel Lined with PTFE Products/PTFE Lined Steel Products

Nowadays, steel lined tetrafluoroethylene pipe fittings are one of the most commonly used pipe fittings in the domestic chemical industry. The lining of polytetrafluoroethylene has excellent anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance function. The outer wall of steel lined tetrafluoroidal pipe fittings is mainly carbon steel material, lined with super corrosion resistant tetrafluoroidal material, with stable chemical properties, has become the first selection of anti-corrosion work.

Features of PTFE Lined Steel Pipe/ PTFE Braided Stainless Steel Lines

Steel lined PTFE pipe fittings have the following benefits:

  • Low chemical activity, resistant to various chemicals.

  • Weather resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to aging.

  • Low surface friction coefficient, strong anti-viscosity.

  • Excellent electrical characteristics.

Steel lined teflon pipe fitting is suitable for severely corrosive gas and liquid at high temperature, other types of steel-plastic composite pipe and metal pipe are not suitable for transport media, steel PTFE composite pipe are suitable, steel polyvinylidene fluoride composite pipe is suitable for transport of corrosive media working temperature of -40℃~+150℃.

ptfe lined carbon steel pipe

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