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self adhesive ptfe sheet

Self Adhesive PTFE Sheet

PTFE surface itself is not adhesive, such as want to bond and other substances must need one side and two sides after Nana chemical treatment, and rubber, metal, and other substances bond, in special use, make up for the non-adhesive performance of polytetrafluoroethylene products.

PTFE nai sodium polytetrafluoroethylene nai sodium surface treatment processing Teflon sodium bonding, PTFE -PTFE nai sodium surface treatment, PTFE tetrafluoroethylene surface is not adhesive, to metal or other substances must be bonded after sodium treatment, after treatment with rubber, metal, plastic, wood, non-metal and other substances bonding. Sodium method - mainly through corrosion liquid and PTFE tetrafluoroborate, strip, film surface chemical reaction, pull off part of the fluorine molecules on the surface, this is left on the surface carbonization layer and some polar groups, so as to get activated tetra fluoro fluoride, tetrafluoroPTFE after sodium increase its polarity and surface tension, PTFE tetra fluoro fluoride surface after sodium coffee color.

Specification of Self Adhesive PTFE Sheet

Product name


Square plate(length)

Circular plate(diameter)


PTFE molded plate

Molded plate

≦ 800



Big molded plate

1000̶ 1600



PTFE skived sheet

Skived sheet

Width of cloth ≦600


Big skived sheet

Width of cloth: 600-1500


Note: Specific size is available as per customer's requirement

PTFE sheet is divided into 2 kinds: molded sheet and skiving sheet.PTFE moulded sheet is made of suspension resin by moulding and sintering.PTFE skiving sheet is turned with an embryo which is formed by moulding or hydraulic pressing.

The Technical Indexes of Self Adhesive PTFE Sheet

Product name

The implementation of standards

The technical performance index


The proportion of

(Mpa) Tensile strength

(%)Crack elongation


Witstanding voltage

Molded sheet

Oridinary type

ZGB33002 SFB-1 & SFB-2





Bridge use





Skived sheet

ZBG 33002 SFB-1 & SFB-2





Feature of Self Adhensive PTFE Sheet

  • Heat resistance

can work stably from -180℃ to +260℃.

  • Stickiness

After surface treatment, etched PTFE can be glued to other materials, such as rubber, metal, plastic, etc.

  • Good mechanical property

No deformation, low friction coefficient.

  • High Lubrication

Lower friction coefficient in solid material.

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