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ptfe molded tube

PTFE Molded Tube

PTFE rods and tubes are sintered with PTFE suspension resin after moulding or hydraulic pressing, or extruded with PTFE presintered disperse resin by plunger. PTFE is commonly known as the king of plastics. The PTFE product has many excellent features.

As a professional plastic PTFE supplier, Xinrui offers quality PTFE moulded tubes/pipes that have corrosive medium fluid piping, insulating sheathing and drive shaft packing. Conveying high temperature corrosive gas, liquid, which is other pipelines can not be replaced. It can be used to connect graphite, ceramic or glass pipes with lower machinery, to be used as feed and discharge pipes for tank cars, storage tanks, containers or reaction kettle, to carry out pipe dislocation connection or to balance pipe displacement and size change caused by climate or other reasons, or to eliminate high-frequency mechanical vibration. In special occasions, PTFE moulded tubes can also be used as tubular reactor or heat exchanger.  

PTFE Molded Tube Specification

Product name





PTFE pipe

Molded tube

Outer: 20-600


Hydraulic tube

Outer: 50-300


Diameter needs machine processing

Extruded tube

Outer: 30-200


the length of PTFE extruded tube can be customized as customer's requirement

Technical Indexes of PTFE Molded Tube


The implementation of standards

The technical performance index


The proportion of

Tensile strength(Mpa)

Crack elongation(%)

Molded rods

ZBG33003 SFB-1




QB/T 3626-1999 Light industry standard

Molded pipe

Company standard




Hydraulic rod/tube

Company standard




Extrusion rods/tube

Company standard




Note: If the customer has special requirements for performance indicators, the parties shall decide through negotiation.

PTFE Molded Tube Uses

  • PTFE molded tube can be processed into a variety of seals, gaskets.

  • Electrical insulation electrical equipment parts.

  • PTFE molded tube can also make a variety of chemical anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance or anti-stick parts or products.

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