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PTEF Thread Seal Tape For Pipe Fitting Seal Ring Pump Sealant Sealing Tape 

Standard White PTFE TAPE suitable for air, water, hydraulic and low pressure lines. May be used on all applications including water, oil, chemical, medical and food processing where non-contamination standards are high.

Specification of PTFE Tape

Fluoroplastic has a wide range of operating temperatures, is resistant to water vapor, climatic and bacterial influences and is a durable material. It also has excellent electrical insulating, anti-friction and anti-adhesive properties. Thanks to these qualities, PTFE Tape ensures tightness of threaded connections operating at pressures up to 9.8 MPa.

We provide PTFE Tape in the following sizes: thickness from 0.10 mm to 0.25 mm, width up to 160.0 mm.

Thickness0.075mm 0.1mm 0.2mm
Temperature-190°℃ to +280°C
Tensile Strength8N/mm2
Pressure Resistanceup to 30Bar

Quality indicators of PTFE Tape

FUM1 (highest grade)FUM2
AppearanceThe tape is white, smooth, without tears or folds
Tape thichness, мм0,100 ± 0,020,12 ± 0,09
Width, мм10,15, 20, 6015
Relative extension, %, no less8040
Tensile strength, MPa, no less108


The tape is non-toxic and oil and petrol resistant. PTFE Tape is an anti-corrosion, self-lubricating, chemically inert sealing material. Operating temperature of the PTFE Tape: from –60°С to +200°С.

PTFE Tape is applied:

• For sealing threaded connections of process pipelines through which aggressive liquids and gases are transported (including in hot and cold water supply pipelines);

• For sealing threaded connections in equipment of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction and other industries at ambient pressure up to 9.8 MPa.

• Contains lubricant – medical vaseline oil according to GOST 3164-78 (from 17% to 20%).

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